About Us

It is no secret that start-up funding is the most elusive and difficult to obtain. Everyday, an unspeakable number of extraordinary business ideas and opportunities die on the vine due to lack of capital. This fact is why Foundation Funding's singular mission is to give aspiring entrepreneurs the financial platform to start, grow and ultimately allow their fledgling businesses to flourish.

Google, arguably the most successful company in history, used our very method of funding for start-up capital. If you have access to the funds you need to get your business off the ground; will you be the next Google?


Our program GUARANTEES every client access to the capital needed to fund their business; whether it be to invest in real estate or create a groundbreaking new product, there is absolutely no limit on how the funding can be used.


We provide an extremely streamlined approval process. So long as one of the partners in your business possesses strong personal credit, our world class underwriting team can issue an approval for $50,000 to $150,000 literally within minutes.

Access to Funds

After approval, funding will be available within 7-10 days. Funding can be accessed either as cash or credit and will typically be provided at 0% for the first 15-18 months.

"I had recently gone through an extensive real estate training program and had a great deal of newly gained knowledge but was a little short on funds to actually do a deal. I was referred to Foundation Funding and that all changed! Foundation Funding helped me acquire over 100k in new funding and I was able to contract and flip 2 properties in my first 60 days. I've since taken those profits and have 5 deals currently going on. If it wasn't for Foundation, I would have never been able to get out of the gate. Now, not only have I been able to get my real estate career started, I'm crushing it! I recommend anyone in need of capital to contact Foundation Funding immediately."

Melanie B. - Dallas, TX

"All I can say is these guys are miracle workers. Foundation helped me raise over 130k in funding for me in about a week. I honestly have no idea how they work their magic but I am a true, true believer. With the new funding I have been able to prototype my product, secure manufacturing and have already received purchase orders from some of the largest retailers in the country. This would have been a mere pipe dream had it not been for the professionals at Foundation Funding. Utilize their services with the utmost of confidence!"

James P. - Fort Collins, CO

Foundation Funding helped me get approved for over 100k for my vending machine business. I had been wanting to go into business for myself for the last few years but was just never able to save up enough money and had been turned down for a business loan from several banks. My friend who had a really great experience with Foundation suggested I reached to them, and it was the best thing I could have done! Within 2 weeks I had 100k and within one month of that, I was able to quit my job and I haven't looked back! I cannot explain the level of appreciation I have for Foundation Funding, they finally helped me with the funding I needed to finally be my own boss.

Jared H. - Edison, NJ

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